7 Branding Ideas to Improve Your Presence This Easter

7 Branding Ideas to Improve Your Presence This Easter

As Easter begins to creep up on us, choosing the perfect branding agency for the season can seem daunting. While Easter certainly isn’t as all-encompassing as Christmas is, it is still a significant event on the calendar and an event you’d be silly to ignore.

The following branding tips and ideas will help your presence continue to grow over the Easter period.

1. Run a Social Media Campaign

I know, I know, social media is probably already a huge part of your brand development strategy. But creating a fun #hashtag campaign over Easter can really increase your engagement

2. Plan Your SEO around Easter Keywords

Locked down those keywords and phrases for Easter and run with them! Make sure they feature in your blog posts.

3. Make Your Website Festive for the Season

If possible, add some fun Easter graphics or pictures to your website to keep it fresh and festive

4. Get Even More Social!

Over the holidays, people are going to be relaxing and looking for fun ways to celebrate Easter. Where are they going to turn? Why, to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest of course! Make sure you remain active and post content that is going to draw Easter-lovers in!

5. Hold an Event In-House

If you have the means, hold an Easter related event in house. It could be for current and potential clients, it could be for networking purposes. It’s entirely up to you – an event keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds.

6. Temporarily Partner Up with Another Business for Easter

Not your competitor of course! Find another willing company that compliments your business and come up with an Easter deal that benefits both you and customers.

7. Sponsor an Easter Event

Look for local Easter events in your community and become an event sponsor. There may be Easter Hat Parades, Flower Shows or Chocolate related events occurring all around you – and these can all help to improve your brand presence!

Enjoying the Easter season with these helpful branding tips!